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6 Best and Most Stunning Beach Bars in Seminyak


In the touristic region of Bali, the beach that stretches between Seminyak and Legian is dotted with some of the most surprising and seductive bars and cafes you could dream of. Additionally, these are places where you can watch fantastic sunsets, but you can also sample creative cocktails made with local ingredients, as well as Western classics. Moreover, some of these bars are unexpectedly affordable.


  1. Potato Head Beach Club

Located at Jalan Petitenget, this venue with a funny name is a bar, a restaurant and a club all in one. Plus, you have an infinity pool there. You may need to wait in line for a while in crowded evenings as the cool crowd gathers, but it’s worth it, if you want a good cocktail and a sunset view. You should book ahead for some tranquil time at a table, if you wish to avoid the parties and the crowds. Enjoy the sound and sight of the waves crashing underneath. Also, you can have a cabana of your own, as well as a waiter to pamper you with delicacies.


  1. Ku De Ta

This traditional nightlife spot is well known all around Bali. It can be your go-to paradise as soon as you go outside – especially if you stay in one of those private villas seminyak tourists prefer. This will make you feel like you’re in an exotic bubble of your own, as the experience is rounded up by your stay in a luxury villa (if you travel with friends, you can have as many bedrooms as you like). Get a lounge chair at Ku De Ta during the day, have lunch or dinner as you admire Seminyak Beach or drink a tea in its impressive gardens.


  1. Dejavu

Combine the perks of waterfront views over the beach with a rooftop bar and you have the stunning Dejavu. It’s a relaxing place with high quality cocktails but at times it gets crowded and wild, as famous Bali Djs get to spin the wheels. This is the trendy spot for revelers with a taste for great style.


  1. Crystal Palace

Known for its really good vibes and live music, Crystal Palace is a laid back beach bar where you can feel totally comfortable. If you’re feeling lazy, this is the place to go. You will be greeted by friendly staff and usually you will see posts with tempting drink offers. Go to the second floor for the better sea views.


  1. Champlung

Located among Seminyak’s Beach most popular bars, The Champlung has loads of comfy beanbags in the sand and colorful umbrellas of rather peculiar shapes. It is relaxed and romantic and fit for every budget. This tropical cozy place has nothing of the luxury of upscale bars, which makes it a true breath of fresh air. The atmosphere is sometimes livened up by live bands and the cocktails are cheap.


  1. La Favela

It may not be on the beach, but it is impossible to not include this jewel. This Brazilian flavored bar is right at the heart of Seminyak in Jalan Laksmana. It has a jungle-like atmosphere and is also a restaurant and a club. It is decorated with loads of tasteful antiquities and looks completely engulfed by vegetation. Frequently, the place hosts themed parties.

If you feel undecided, you can simply move on from one beach bar to another, as there is hardly any distance between these on Seminyak’s sandy strip.