Disadvantages of Antivirus Software

Can there be any disadvantages of using an antivirus software? Many would think that given the current capacity of hackers to gain access into your data and systems with such ease, the notion of even thinking that having an antivirus could put you at a disadvantage is a ridiculous one. However, there are a handful of pitfalls to having a software installed or having one that protects your web. The point of this article is to make you aware of the drawbacks so that you can figure out methods to overcome them and not to advise you on why you should avoid using a good security system. You must always have good online and offline security and there is no doubt on that end.

It Will Only Offer Limited Detection Techniques

There is always more than one method of detecting if a virus has managed to get close to or is trying to infiltrate your system. However one very common disadvantage of having an antivirus system is that it may not always be able to successfully execute all the detection methods that are required. Virus scanners are quite often the most used tactic. What these software do is to scan your system and alert you if they happen to pick up the code for a virus. However, in this the biggest flaw is that it may not be able to pick up a new strain of virus and that it can simply alert you to a normal file if there is even the slightest match. This is why no matter how great of a Site Guard you have, you need to keep updating it regularly.

It Does Not Offer Complete Protection

Simply because your antivirus system has multiple detection methods there is no guarantee that, that will be enough. There is also the need for you to invest in an internet Firewall in order to gain a better safety coverage. This Firewall is a program that can often block hackers, viruses and spyware that is available on the net from getting into your system or attacking your digital media. You can use certain hardware like a router to make the firewall’s strength even better.

It Can Slow Your PC and Network

This running and installing of a good antivirus can sometimes act as a kind of decelerator on your device and the network. This is because it can use up a lot of the computer’s memory and the space on your hard disk as well. However, there are many ways in which you can speak to service providers and get this matter fixed with a suitable software that will help you out.