How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Product

Small businesses and massive corporations alike cannot do without the right packaging for their products. Failing to use the most appropriate and best looking packing for a product can be a costly blunder. If you are a new business, you need to take special care to make sure your products are properly packed to suit their purpose. The packaging you choose can make or break your business. If you are wondering how to guarantee you make the right choice, read ahead for some points to consider.


The first thing you need to think about is whether the choice of packaging is suitable for travel. If the product is fragile or has breakable parts, it will need protective packaging. If the items are bulky, then you might need reinforced or corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure fortification. Your products will definitely have to see some form of travel. Even if you will not be shipping anything across the country, you will still need to send the products to local stores or customers. It is much cheaper to use protective materials for such a purpose than it would be to replace a damaged product. Thus, make sure your packaging is appropriate for transport.


Consider what material you will need for the packaging. This will be dependent on what the product is. For example, if your product is food or dairy, medication, retail items, cosmetics, or hardware, you should use packaging made of paperboard. Corrugated board, on the other hand, is more appropriate for fragile and big, heavy products. Other uses of corrugated board are for packages in the e-commerce world, shipping cartons, and subscription boxes.



Some products may come in multiple sizes. This means you will need to think about the practicality of your packaging. For example, imagine your product comes in six different sizes. Rather than having six different-sized packages, see if you can design three options that can be used for two different sizes each. This will significantly cut down your expenses.

Think About Audience

When designing your packaging, of course, you must think about the appeal to the customer. You will need to figure out what will stand out and appeal to the target audience. To do this,  you have to do some market research on the groups you are catering to.


Another commonly overlooked factor is ergonomics, which in this case is about how customers will be able to use the packaging that the product comes in. Think about those clam shell packages. If you buy a new pair of scissors, and it comes in that kind of packaging, how are you going to open it? You will almost certainly hurt yourself trying to get into the plastic with your teeth or a knife. However, most other packaging will pose the danger of being injured by the scissor blades too. Depending on your product, you may need to choose a fold-out or multi-piece design.



With the amount of pollution and the dangers of climate change at an all-time high, you cannot afford to leave this out. Consider the materials you will be using for packaging and try to avoid anything that cannot be recycled easily or will be somehow harmful to the environment.

If you consider all these points, you should not have too tough a time designing or selecting the packaging for your products.