How to Improve Your Current Wardrobe

Is your current wardrobe making your eyes water? Perhaps you have too many pieces in just one colour. Maybe the patterns are missing. Your work outfits may look just horrid. Whatever the issue is, there is, of course, a solution. Read below for several simple tips on how to overall improve your work and personal wardrobe:

Add Bright and Colourful Pieces to Your Wardrobe

Ladies love to play it safe and buy most of the key pieces in neutral colours like black, grey, dark blue, or worse, flax. While the neutrals are important, it’s equally important to add a dash of colour to your collection as well. So don’t hesitate to stock up on blue silk tops and red jeans. Make sure you are summery colours like yellow, orange, and coral in your closet. Designers recommend buying tops in two colours that contrast each other. If you do, you’ll never be in a style dilemma ever again.

Buy Colourful Accessories

When you have many clothes in neutral shades, the accessories shouldn’t be as well. Don’t be afraid to buy bags and clutches in bright colours, with patterns and prints. You can then make a bland outfit come alive just with the accessories. You can add versatility to your wardrobe with colourful accessories that you can even take to work.

Own Stripes

Striped outfits can look classic, elegant, and suitable for both work and play. Therefore, make sure your closet includes tops, trousers, and perhaps maybe a blazer with stripes. Preferably, choose thin, vertical stripes for the best looks. Unevenly thick horizontal stripes are also great for chic casual looks.

Don’t Shy Away from Glamorous Prints

Everyone loves the leopard or zebra print, but only a few are brave enough to include these glam prints in their wardrobe. Gaudy, animal prints are of course not suitable for everyday wear. But they are great for improving an outfit for special night outs for daring fashion days. Prints can be mixed in with complementary solid shades quite easily. You might one day regret not owning a glam print just when you need it. Therefore, plan in advance and include one or two printed pieces in your wardrobe.

You Need Those White Button-Downs

Every woman needs at least three white button-down tops, according to Marilyn Monroe. They are rather handy in emergency situations. They suit for occasions both jubilant and sombre. Plus, you can pair these with just about anything, from patterned pencil skirts to trendy jeans. If you are worried about the rather short shelf-life of most tops white, avoid bleaching. It worsens yellowing. Also, occasionally wash the whites even if you haven’t worn them.

Own a Pair of Footwear in Nude

Don’t have a pair of heels, flats or pumps in nude? You will need those. The nude colour matches most skin tones, regardless of how light or dark your skin is. Therefore, if you have a rad outfit but not matching shoes, you can don the nude pumps and still rock the outfit.

Own Scarfs

Scarfs are not just practical on cold days, they are perfect for accessorising, especially when you are on the go. It’s highly advisable to own scarves in many shades and in many patterns. Keep one or two in your handbag to accessorize on the go.

When you are shopping to improve your wardrobe, don’t ignore the practical stuff, such as caring for the outfits. Don’t spend a lot of money on outfits that won’t last a few washings. And don’t buy fancy items that require dry cleaning or hand washing if you are not going to do either.