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The Basics of Boosting Traffic to Your Website

All businesses dream of having a website that attracts traffic in tens of thousands each day. Companies can resort to all sorts of supposedly trendy search engine optimisation tactics to drive traffic to their official websites. Before you try anything fancy, it’s important to cover the basics of search engine optimisation. Most of the traffic problems many websites face are caused by amateur mistakes.

Companies that hire professional SEO services do not really face this problem. However, businesses that rely on SEO in house may try to implement advanced features without covering the basics. Doing so only ruins the existing traffic numbers. Therefore, it’s important that your company has covered the following before trying anything new:

Accelerate Site Loading Speed

Your site should not take longer than 2 seconds to load. Site loading speed is directly related to retaining the traffic that comes to your site. If your website loads slowly, you will have much higher bounce rates than usual. Eventually it will fade into obscurity if you don’t do something to speed up the load time.

Remove Bad Backlinks

Bad backlinks can hurt your page rank and may even get your site listed as spam. Therefore, occasionally go through your backlinks list and remove any that seem unpopular or suspicious. Having loads of backlinks does not automatically improve your page rank. What matters is the quality of the backlinks.


Using Local and/or Organic Keywords


Using keywords correctly can be tricky. The Google algorithm now prioritises websites with natural-sounding material. So, if you have stuffed your site with keywords that fit awkwardly into sentences, your traffic numbers will suffer. Use natural keywords as much as possible. Also, do not forget to use location-specific keywords if relevant. These are highly valued for local searches.

Keep the Web Pages Updated

Google prefers websites that are constantly updated. If you fail to update your website at least three times a week, your rankings will suffer. You can update a blog or upload new content constantly to remain relevant.

Start a Blog or a Forum

A good way to keep driving traffic to your website is to start a blog. Some companies can also benefit from a forum where users can interact and ask questions. If a blog or a forum gets popular, the rest of the website can benefit from increased traffic numbers as well.

Submit Content to Other Sites

A website that suffers from low traffic can always attract new users from other sites that have plenty. One of the best ways to create brand awareness, and to drive traffic, is to publish your content on other sites. For example, a blog post may not get that many views on your site. However, you can submit it as a guest post on another more popular blog to attract interested users who otherwise might not see your post.

The above are only some of the basics of boosting traffic to your site. Make sure your team has these basics covered before moving onto other methods.