Ways To Save Money While Going Green

Too many people wrongly believe that leading a more sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle is an expensive and difficult undertaking. In reality, many of the changes we can make to support our planet will also save us money, either in the short-term or the long-term. There are so many simple changes you can make to diminish your carbon footprint while also saving a substantial amount of cash each year. Here are just a few.

Power Your Home With Solar Energy

Tired of those massive electricity bills every month? If you live in Australia, you’re fortunate enough to live in a location that gets a huge amount of sunshine throughout the year. This means that you’re in one of the world’s most convenient locations to utilise the power of solar energy. Switching over to a solar panel provider like Renew Energy won’t just mean that you’re no longer using limited resources to power your home – it also means that you’ll be saving a fortune on your utility bills.

Try Meat-Free Mondays

There’s plenty of research out there that proves that the meat industry has a substantial role to play in the production of carbon emissions that are currently damaging our planet. You don’t have to become a radical vegan to make a difference – just incorporating vegetarian meals into your lifestyle a few days a week, or even once a week, could have an impact. Meat is also more expensive than alternative natural protein substitutes, and many vegetarian meals are healthier than your usual beef burger. Going part-time veggie gives you the opportunity to experiment with inexpensive, nutritious recipes while taking a stand for the environment.

Cut Down On Car Time

It’s obvious that many of us don’t get enough exercise, and spending too much time sitting behind the wheel could be a major contributor to that issue. Consider how much money you would save on fuel if you walked or cycled to many of the places you often drive to? Leaving the car at home will save you money on fuel, cut down your carbon emissions, and give you a chance to get out and breathe the beautiful fresh air more often.

Reduce Your Water Use

If your water bill is cutting into your budget every month far more than you’d like it to, this is a great chance to save cash while helping to preserve one of our most precious natural resources. There are plenty of easy ways to save water at home. It can be as simple as taking shorter showers, or reducing the number of showers you have in a week and replacing them with dry shampoo. You can also install low-flow water saving fixtures onto your taps to reduce the amount of water that comes out at one time.

Reduce Waste

Instead of running out and buying a new item every time you see a tear in a piece of clothing or damage to your furniture, consider working with what you have to reduce waste and save money. Upcycling furniture can be a great way to get crafty and update your knackered old chairs while reducing the amount of waste in the world. Buying second-hand clothes or swapping with friends is also a great way to reduce the amount you spend while leading a less wasteful, more sustainable lifestyle.